My name is Gaetan Collaud. I'm 20. I am currently studying at the University of Applied Sciences of Fribourg in order to obtain a Bachelor in IT. I did my schools in St-Aubin and in Domdidier. Then I did a year in GYB (Intercantonal Gymnasium from Broye). I turned to the IT integrating the EMF in Freiburg. And now I am at University of Applied Sciences.

You have certainly see that I don't have a very hight level of English. In fact it's just my third language (behind French and German). Don't be affraid of tell me if I do big mistakes that can get visitors in trouble to understand.

I develop applications for Android (especially MultiRemote) on my free time. That's why I take a lot of time to get out another release. As stated above, I am also in a high school and of course my studies are more important, so I have even less time. I do this work completely voluntarily. I have so far received only 50 CHF gift. For comparison, just the website costs me 200CHF per year.

If you have any questions for me then why not go for a ride on the forum. Or if you want to contact me directly, you can do so by email at . If you want to know more about me and my accomplishments, I advise you to go for a ride on my personal website.