Install guide

Install the server

First to operate MultiRemote you must install the server.

Download it from the website :

The server is a Java application. So you have to have Java installed. For Windows and Mac download it from the . For linux you can download it from the packages manager (sun-java6-jre).

If you are on linux, maybe your system open the server as an archive. To run it correctly, do a right click -> open with -> java.

Connect your phone and your computer

Find the server

Since the version 10.03.27 you can find the servers of your network. When you are in the servers' list, press the menu button. Then Find. The mobile will request the servers. You can refresh the result if you want. When you see the list of the servers that are finded, you can select it. When you press the back button, the servers that you have been selected will be added to your list with the correct config.

Add manually the server

The server start in the traybar. You can open it by do a double click on the icon. Or a right click -> open.

When you open it you can see your ip address and the port.

You have to set this address and this port in the settings of the servers in the mobile app.


If you have problem with my app, please send me a email with (if possible) a report of the java debug console.

Show the debug console

First you have to start the commande line client. In Mac and Linux you will find it in the apps (maybe in the utility). For Windows, if you don't have the icon, do Windows+R, write cmd and then the ok button.

Then move to the dir of multiRemote. To do simply (for windows), move multiremote at the root dir of your system. For me it's C:\. In the console write cd C:\

Finaly start the application with writing java -jar MultiRemoteServer.jar

Note that this erreur (config.ser not found) is normal and not a critical error. It mean that you have not config the server and it will use the default settings.