Volume keys in mouse mode

I would like to be able to assign the mouse keys to increase or decrease the volume in windows xp vista 7. Currently, this is impossible. Can you enable such a feature, or make it possible to assign the volume keys a value other than scroll up/ down?

Mouse remote

I think that the scroll is more important than the volume in the mouse remote.

I agree that scrolling is

I agree that scrolling is important, however, in mouse mode, scrolling is already made possible through the use of the optical-joystick/trackball/mouse-button.

The reason my suggestion is necessary for me is because I use the mouse when watching Netflix/Youtube etc on Firefox in full-screen mode. If I want to do a simple thing like decrease the volume, I currently have to exit full-screen mode, scroll the mouse to volume down, go back to Firefox, and re-enter full-screen mode. However, if I had the option to assign the volume keys (while in mouse mode) to something else (like you provide for custom-remote buttons), I would assign volume-down to F24. I could then use a program like AutoHotkey(http://www.autohotkey.com/) to create a macro that would make F24 increase the volume in Windows 7. I would then do something similar for the volume-down key.

You can, of course, make the default action a scroll behavior. However, the option to edit it to *do something else* would be very valuable for users like myself.