Mouse Remote Disconnect

After some work, like setting my keyboard shortcuts to default I'm getting odd behaviour on Mac OSX 10.6.6. I couldn't get VLC to work, for example - not sure what to enable on the VLC side to allow it to accept commands.

But I was able to get the mouse to work on the screen (general purpose, just like a regular mouse). However, when I go to the end of the screen in any direction the cursor stops and I cannot get a response until I hit "apply" (again) on the server app. Choosing the server again on the remote, for example, fails. Any desktop edge seems to have the same effect (left, right, up down).


For software like VLC, maybe the shortcuts are not the same as Windows or Linux, so the remote wouldn't work.

For the mouse, it's strange, but sorry I don't have a Mac. I can't help you.