Market filter options


1. Great app!

2. I installed a new ROM on my HTC Desire and I can't find you app in the market anymore. If I try to push it to the phone via the browser version of the market it says that the item is not compatible with my device.
Have you set any kind of filtering for the app? Is there another way of downloading the .apk?


P.S: Regarding the new server: I put it into autostart and it always opens the main window when my pc starts. Can I turn this off somehow?

Hi Thank you You're not the


Thank you

You're not the first. I don't know what to do on the market. So I uploaded my app directly on this website. You can download it on the download page.

For the autostart, no sorry. But it's a good idea for a futur version.


thanks for the quick answer.

thanks for the quick answer. looking forward to seeing new versions. keep on your good work-

btw, you know that your app is named MultiRemote in the market but in my app list it says MutliRemote